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Ask me anything   Submit   I'm a student at Temple University studying Advertising Management. From now until graduation, my goal is to gain experience & fully embrace myself in the world of advertising, public relations & marketing . My short-terms goals are to be interning at a full-service advertising agency this fall within the branding or media planning department. Learning and working in the media field has been an amazing experience so far & I'm truly excited to see where the future has in store for me! This quote gets me by each day & prepares me to take on any situation or obstacle: "Your story will probably end up looking nothing like you thought it would - Embrace it." - Disney Pixar

Education & Experience:
Temple University, School of Media & Communications, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, Expected Graduation December 2013
Public Relations Intern at Skai Blue Media [November 2011 - March 2012]
Marketing and Public Relations Intern at National Consumer Protection Bureau [May 2012 - August 2012]

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Now that summer has settled in, I have been reminiscing about my first year at TempleU and looking over all of my advertising and marketing projects. My favorite project was a campaign for Zipcar (a car sharing service that targets city residents in my Intro to Advertising class. My role for the semester long project was the Account Planner where I conducted primary and secondary research and analyzed the results. 

From our research results we created a new concept and brand image. Our positioning statement, “Zip Up Your Possibilities” conveys the freedom that Zipcar can take you anywhere, anytime at your own connivence without worrying about the expensive costs of owning a car (with a low rate of $8 per hour or $64 per day covers your insurance, gas, tolls or medical problem.)

My team created a media schedule with three media platforms (Print, Radio and Guerilla) that targeted college students and young professionals living in an urban atmosphere with a low income and an “always on the go” mentality.

I uploaded the radio commercial we created. We wanted to really catch our audiences’ attention so we portrayed a bizzar situation of a guy who wanted to take a girl out on a date but his brother took his car so he needed to find an alternative way to go on his date. We had a lot of fun creating all of our media platforms, especially this one! 

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